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Truth for Today

Pastor Ben grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. reared by God fearing parents. He was blessed to have a rich spiritual heritage with grandparents who were pastors and intercessors. His own personal experience came at the tender age of 10...

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GOD Guides - A Bible Journey with Gary Hill

G Austin HillBrother Gary hails from Philadelphia, Pa and has called the Bay area his home for the last 45 years. Married to Cecilia and just celebrated his 40th anniversary, he’s the proud father of 3...

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Multi talented host Shyla Garcia brings her eclectic style and her love of the gospel and the arts together, with others from the Bay and beyond...

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We are in the process of reviewing those who desire to host a talk show on our station and hope to soon provide you with fruitful talk shows as well as powerful teaching and preaching half hour and hour segments.

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